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“Luxury is in each detail.” — Hubert de Givenchy

There’s a reason why certain women look stylish, no matter what they wear. And it may not always be about designer labels, the stylist’s magic, or the women themselves. The answer lies in the subtle art of accessorizing and the fashion accessories that make it happen. 

The right accessories have the power to transform the most basic outfit. After all, it’s the little details that matter…that bring the entire outfit beautifully together to present the look you want to carry, whether it be chic, elegant, casual, artsy or formal. 

With fashion trends drifting towards minimalism and understated dressing, choosing the right fashion accessories to add that distinct flair, is now more important than ever. So, choosing a bag or a trinket to make a style statement, or to cast a vibe that says effortless elegance, is more than just throwing on the first thing you find. Like we mentioned before, accessorizing is an art, and done well, it can make a huge difference to your look. 

The history of fashion accessories

Fashion has evolved through the ages, and with it, fashion accessories as well. In fact, people have been accessorizing since the beginning of civilization. 

Necklaces are believed to go back 40,000 years. In the beginning, they were made from shells, teeth, bones, stones and other elements found in nature. Later, with the advent of the Bronze Age, metals began to be used. The ancient Egyptians made elaborate beaded necklaces that were especially popular among royalty. You can thank the Romans for the gemstones in your jewellery – they introduced it in the 1st century. And, did you know, that necklaces were an accessory used by both men and women until the 18th century? After that, it became primarily feminine. 

The earliest bracelet dates back to 7,5000 BC in Turkey. Cut to the 20th century, plastic became the material of choice for bracelets for teenagers and children. Earrings are another fashion accessory that have held immense appeal, although, between the 11th and 16th centuries, the then trending hairstyle that covered the ears left no place for them. By the late 17th century, both men and women had resumed wearing earrings. 

Belts and hats have also travelled through the ages as both utility pieces and fashion accessories to their current styles today. Whatever the accessory, the fact remains that people have loved to accessorize and try new styles with these decorative elements. 

Why you need fashion accessories

The very fact that people through the centuries have taken pride in accessorizing, brings up the important question, “why?” We’ve listed a few significant reasons why accessories should be wardrobe staples for women:

 Look uniquely ‘you’

Your personal expression is best conveyed through the way you accessorize. You can present your personal style and tastes through your appearance, and fashion accessories go a long way in helping you do that. Get your own unique look through the pieces you choose and the way to combine them with your outfit.

Old wardrobe, fresh possibilities

Tired of the same old clothes in your wardrobe? Don’t be. Use your fashion accessories selectively to create different looks with the same outfits. 

Save money and be sustainable

You don’t have to rush to the boutique for new clothes every time an occasion calls for one. Instead, splurge on accessories that will help you up your glamour quotient with whatever outfits you already have. 

Dress for the occasion

Certain accessories are best suited for certain occasions. The good news is that you can pair them with the same outfit and carry off the look you want with élan. Take for instance the basic item of clothing in every woman’s wardrobe – a white button-down shirt, and jeans. For casual Fridays at work, accessorize with a leather handbag and kitten heels. If you’re going shopping with friends, you could choose bold statement pieces of jewellery, boots, and a sling bag. If you’re on a dinner date, you could wear delicate earrings, stilettos and carry a clutch. Same outfit – different occasions, thanks to your fashion accessories! 

Tips on accessorizing

Make a statement

If you want to make a statement, you’ll have to wear an accessory that makes one too. Choose a great statement necklace, a cuff bracelet or a striking scarf to add that attitude. If you’re using just one big accessory, you don’t have to worry too much about what matches or works. 

Pick the longer necklace

When in doubt between a short or long necklace, always go for the long one. One that stops just below the bust can make you look taller and leaner. However, for a better effect, wear a long one, as well as a shorter one that sits higher on your chest. The combination is a killer, and always works! 

Never leave your wrists bare

Wear a chunky piece, or multiple delicate bracelets to make a style statement. A little flash of bling as you move your arms adds a fun element to your look. 

Consider your destination

If you’re going to work, a chic, dainty necklace is a good idea. However, if you’re headed to a party, you could step up the accessories game and get more adventurous. The rules are not written in stone, but it’s good to consider where you’re going before you decide what to accessorize with. 

It’s ok to not match your accessories

Carry a bag in this season’s signature colour and wear shoes of a different colour to look fresh and contemporary. The days of matching your accessories are long gone. Try different colours and moods to match your style. 

Top accessories every woman should have

You must have already read about our 5 wardrobe essentials for women. Now that you know about fashion accessories and how to use them, here are a few must-have accessories that you can pair with them, to create the look you want. 


Long necklaces are a stylish trend, as are double necklaces. They add distinct elegance to your outfit and can transform your look from plain to chic. The double necklace, designed with medallions from JULIETTE C is a must-have! 


A tug of the belt can flatter your figure and transform your silhouette. Whether you add a brightly coloured belt to add a dash of colour or to emphasize your curves, this is an accessory that always looks great. 


A brightly coloured or printed scarf around your neck can bring some flourish to your look, especially when paired with a monochrome dress. The best part? You can also tie it on your bag, your hair or around your wrist. 


A great pair of sunglasses won’t just protect you from glare, they’ll add that extra ‘it’ factor that will have people turning back to look at you. Get a chic pair that frames your face well. The Rocket eyewear Company features classic lightweight polarized P3 sunglasses in numerous colours, to match your style perfectly. 


As mentioned earlier, don’t leave your wrists bare. Try stacking bangles or get a bracelet that is delicate and sophisticated, and adds a sparkle to your outfit.


The kind of earrings you wear – tiny studs, colourful tassel earrings, classic hoops, or pendant earrings, help create the look you want. While colourful tassel earrings add a playful touch to your ensemble, pendant earrings lend glamour and elegance. Whatever you choose, earrings definitely draw attention to your face!

As Yves Saint Laurent said, “Accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique.” 

Pay attention to your fashion accessories and you can make a huge style statement with very little effort! 

How do you accessorize? What are your favourite fashion accessories? We’d be happy to hear from you! And if you have any questions about pairing fashion accessories with our latest collections of stylish womenswear, you can get in touch. 

You can also visit our website to discover our timeless French fashion for women.

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