“My designs embody a distinctive French touch. They skilfully blend a hint of glamour, a touch of the bohemian and a dose of rock to create a nonchalant look that is utterly chic, reflecting the style of the energetic, feminine Parisienne juggling her daily activities.”
— Juliette Capillaire

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Meet Juliette…

…A true Parisian woman and a French fashion designer reaching out to all corners of the globe for conscious inspiration. Being a working mother of 2, she knows exactly what it means to juggle a busy schedule. This is why she started designing clothes for her friends and women like her, who are trying to do, be and feel their best in their multifaceted, everyday life.


Inspired by women and nature, JULIETTE C is about limited collections of timeless and conscious pieces, created to resist time and trend. They are made using the softest natural fabrics, respectful of local and traditional know-how, and printed with eco-friendly and harmless inks.

JULIETTE C tries to limit wastage by controlling stocks and using every single fabric purchased. It ensures fair work and pay conditions for its producers while offering the best value for money to its customers by cutting all intermediaries and unnecessary expenses.

Juliette is committed to ethical action. “I try to do my best: I use fabric scraps for my accessories, and I mainly use fabrics with Oeko-Tex® certification guaranteeing they are free from harmful substances. I visit my suppliers and make sure their employees are treated well. I only use natural fibers, comfortable materials.”

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In 2020, Juliette moved to Shanghai, China, and introduced her brand to a new audience. Here, she designed her first winter collection, took her first steps in knitwear using Mongolian cashmere, and created a collection made with flannel sourced from a supplier of fabric for men’s clothing.

Clothing lies at the heart of JULIETTE C but it is complemented by stylish accessories and lifestyle products that set the mood. Staying true to the concept of the brand, her delicate jewelry pieces are timeless and bring a touch of sophistication to any look. They are exquisitely handcrafted from 18K gold vermeil, and are the perfect accessories to the JULIETTE C garments.

A brand that extends beyond fashion, JULIETTE C also helps create warm and soothing interiors with a delicate interior spray and scented candles that are made in France.

Tradition & craftsmanship

Juliette discovered woodblock printing in Delhi, India, and fell in love with this technique and its aesthetics. Juliette’s passion for preserving local craft traditions also led her to work with embroiderers based in India as well.

“Craft traditions are being lost. I’m thrilled to be participating in the preservation of these skills, and I’m offering my clients unique clothes.”

Quality and skill are key for Juliette, who never stops exploring.


“I couldn’t find the perfect professional and versatile, elegant yet easy-to-wear outfit – so I designed it. First came my interpretation of my all-time favourite, which is now my signature outfit and best seller, the jumpsuit. Then came dresses, skirts, trousers, playsuits and tops. Voilà, JULIETTE C was born!”

JULIETTE C started in Singapore in 2016, with a collection of sophisticated basics with that certain French ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Juliette’s creations are sleek and always adorned with feminine details, conscious, utterly elegant, flattering, and very pleasant to wear. Each season brings new prints, made exclusively for the label, and designed to add flavour to the monochromatic pieces of the collections.

Early impressions & creations

Long before the brand was born, Juliette’s career had taken off during her international business degree with her first internship with Cartier in New York. Having entered the luxury goods market, she worked for jewellers Dinh Van, Poiray, and Van Cleef & Arpels before joining Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin in Geneva. Her professional experience working with these prestigious brands with strong company cultures provided her with wide-ranging skills in PR, marketing and sales. It was after this that she explored her creative pursuits and guided her sense of detail and luxury into her own collections.

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Childhood influences & inspiration

Juliette was first inspired by her grandmother – the embodiment of Parisian chic. Beautiful, and always dressed simply, but very elegantly.

“She was the quintessential Parisian woman. Utterly elegant, quite simple, beautiful and refined without ever overdoing it. She introduced me to fashion, showed me how to look my best, and taught me to recognise quality materials. She took me to the theatre and to dance performances. I’ve been a dancer all my life, and stage costumes are probably a source of aesthetic inspiration for me. I’m sensitive to the way fabric hangs, and I like the clothes I design to be comfortable and to move with the body.”

Message from Juliette

I’m delighted to introduce JULIETTE C, the brand you love with a new name. Capsule by Juliette has come a long way since it was launched seven years ago. While its style has evolved, my designs continue to make women feel confident and beautiful, and freely express their personality.
Discover my collections with a Bohemian flavour, a touch of rock and a free-spirited chic look – just like the Parisian woman!
With love,
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