The fine art of hand embroidery in fashion

Ania top half sleeves off white black hand embroideries women fashion capsule by juliette
Alba top off white hand embroideries women fashion capsule by juliette
Aya top black with white hand embroideries

When it comes to elevating style in fashion, hand embroidery is what comes to mind. Creative, intricate and expressive, it is as delicate as a painting and just as beautiful. Adding a touch of hand embroidery to a simple piece of clothing can introduce an element of charm and give it a stylish twist. It is this meticulous needlework combined with a smart design that can make heads turn!

What is embroidery?

It’s an ancient craftsmanship technique of decorating fabric or other materials with needles pulling yarn. This exquisite technique is slow, delicate and painstaking, and what results is often a masterpiece. Remarkably, basic stitches like the running stitch, cross stitch, stem stitch, back stitch, satin stitch, buttonhole stitch, and whip stitch can be used together or on their own to create various floral, geometric or abstract patterns in various colours, giving garments a distinct character. 

Today, hand embroidery is celebrated across the world, with different regions following typical patterns and designs inspired by nature, religion and more. 

Embroidery and couture

In the current world of mass production, the fine art of hand embroidery in fashion sets apart what is bespoke and unique. This skilled technique of adorning a garment by hand sometimes surpasses the use of coloured yarn and thread and includes other creative materials such as pearls, beads, sequins or even crystals. Using various stitching styles, this craft is at the heart of haute couture, giving it the distinction of art, in fashion. 

Today, fashion includes embroidery in almost every piece – hats, coats, tops, dresses, and even stockings. In fact, a simple white top can be elevated with a little hand embroidery. The Ania top from JULIETTE C is the perfect summery top, with the art of embroidery lending it classic elegance – you can choose from off-white and black with contrasting embroidery designs.

If you like your style vintage, then the feminine and flowing Alia top in off-white with dark blue hand embroidery is a great choice. The Alba top is another vintage-style top with an intricately designed floral hand-embroidered yoke. Paired with smart shorts, it’s ideal for shopping with friends, or with sleek pants for evenings on the town. The Aya top in black with its square yoke, embellished with exquisite and unique hand-embroidered floral patterns in off-white, is equally stunning. 

At JULIETTE C, we respect and support traditional crafts. We also firmly believe in using sustainable fabrics for our collections. We champion slow fashion through natural fabrics and employ local, traditional techniques to showcase timeless crafts like hand embroidery and block print in everyday wear for women. 

Our effortlessly chic collection of stylish yet comfortable hand embroidered outfits are elegant, conscious, flattering, and very pleasant to wear. You can get in touch if you have any questions or want to discuss the art of embroidery in fashion. You can also visit our website to discover our timeless French fashions for women.

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