Stylish pre-fall knitwear essentials for women

Shine racer back top milk white women fashion capsule by juliette
Shanghai sweatshirt black women fashion capsule by juliette
Shine camisole top sand beige women fashion capsule by juliette

You may have experienced that in-between season where the day is warm, but evenings get a little cool. At times like this, you’ve enjoyed sunny mornings in a dress but wished you had that special knitwear in your bag to throw on and keep warm towards the end of the day. Say hello to pre-fall knitwear to add that je ne sais quoi to any outfit – and keep you looking Parisian chic!

What is pre-fall clothing?

While the name would indicate autumn, it could include pieces that may be layered and worn throughout the year. So, you needn’t limit these outfits to the transitional months before winter – you can even sport them in the summer! They’re comfortable, evergreen wardrobe essentials that can keep you looking and feeling great, whatever the season.

Pre-fall knitwear 

When you think of knitwear, your mind no doubt goes to icy winters and heavy, voluminous sweaters. But stop right there and imagine light knitwear in breathable cotton. Imagine the camisole, a timeless summer classic that you can enjoy wearing even through fall, layered elegantly with a cardigan! Or a sweater you can stylishly throw on to complete a certain look, during cool summer evenings! Everything’s possible in the world of women’s fashion!

Here are a few essential pre-fall knitwear pieces that could add oodles of style to your wardrobe:

  1. Knitwear tops

Tops are a great choice for a casual or sporty look. However, when you have tops in light knitwear, they are elevated to elegance. 

JULIETTE C’s Shine knitwear capsule collection presents a milk white top that’s a clever blend of a laid-back yet sexy style. Knit in cotton with lurex threads adding a discreet shimmer, it’s the ultimate versatile top that can be worn with a cardigan from the same collection for a twin effect. 

  1. Knitwear camisoles

A quintessential summer classic, the camisole adds a happy surprise to the pre-fall knitwear collection. It’s the perfect lightweight top to sport over a casual pair of jeans or pair with a cardigan for an extra layer of comfort and warmth as you spend the day doing what you love! 

The sand beige tank top from JULIETTE C is created in light knitwear with discreet lurex, which adds glamour to your ensemble. Don’t miss its delicate spaghetti straps and stylish cut. 

  1. Knitwear jumpers

Soft, smart and stylish, the light knitwear jumper is your go-to outfit for casual outings or elegant evenings. It can transform your look from casual chic to stylish sophistication if paired with jeans or an elegant skirt. Don’t forget to pick an accessory, like a double medallion necklace, to raise the glamour quotient! 

The Shine lurex jumper from JULIETTE C, with its batwing sleeves, feminine v-neck and discreet lurex, is perfect for the season – and any occasion!  

  1. Knitwear cardigans

Elegant in its simplicity and vintage appeal, the cardigan is great knitwear to wear in the evenings or carry in your bag for an extra layer should you need to bundle up. JULIETTE C brings you such a piece that adds feminine charm to any outfit. Its mother of pearls buttons and lurex add an elegant touch to the classic milk white cardigan

  1. Knitwear sweatshirts

A sweatshirt is a wardrobe basic that’s effortless and easy to wear. Its appeal lies in its stylish, thoughtful design and comfortable fit, greatly enhanced by the breathable finest quality cotton. Timeless, fuss-free and paired easily with jeans, pants or skirts, it’s the perfect choice for a stylish evening or casual shopping. 

JULIETTE C’s Shanghai Sweatshirts in eye-catching solid colours such as black, denim blue, grey, off-white and sage green are versatile and sophisticated versions of a classic casual piece. They’re ideal with jeans, and also pair perfectly with skirts or elegant pants.

Enjoy the best of pre-fall – and even summer – with light knitwear in various classic designs and colours! You could also consider them as statement pieces that can highlight your personal style. 

JULIETTE C is all about timeless and conscious pieces. We champion slow fashion and are mindful of the environment. Our light pre-fall knitwear for women is crafted in pure cotton and adorned with lurex for sheer elegance. Combining these natural, luxurious materials with stylish cuts and classic details, the result is fashion pieces that resist time and trend. Experience the casual charm and understated glamour of the pre-fall knitwear collection – women’s designer wear that is light, durable and incredibly soft and stylish.

At JULIETTE C, our effortlessly chic collection of stylish yet comfortable light knitwear capsule for women is elegant, conscious, flattering, and very pleasant to wear. You can get in touch if you have any questions or want to discuss anything fashion-related!

 You can also visit our website to discover our timeless French fashion for women.

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