This new collection is here to brighten our winter with happy and delicate pieces, channelling all the positive energy that I had to draw from myself to develop it,
inspired by the faded shades of nature under the delicate winter sun.

Know all the details behind the creation of the collection…

Discover new exclusive prints, delicate and feminine shades, lace more refined than ever, all this, available as dresses, skirts, tops, jumpsuits of course and many new accessories!

Kyra Top

Agathe Top


The starting point of this collection was February 2020, a time when we wouldn’t know just how troubled the following months would be, and how it would impact life, travel and work.

Covid decided something else and I had to adapt to the constraints of this new reality, requiring a patience that I don’t have. Everything was made remotely and took much more time than planned. I had to count on the support of my artisans in India. We multiplied our messages, audio and video calls, together with the prototypes and shipments. I couldn’t directly touch the fabric, see the real colors and shades of my prints, or try the cuts that I had designed. I had to trust and wait patiently for the samples to be shipped to me. This is so difficult for someone like me who cares so much about detail!

And after all these chaotic months, this new way of working and creating, here it is, my new collection, just shot in Shanghai!