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Bettina jumpsuit off white women fashion juliette c

The brand you have loved and supported since day 1, has evolved to its present style through the inspirations, efforts and creative inputs of Juliette Capillaire, a French fashion designer who believes in making women feel beautiful through her collections, and supports slow, sustainable fashion.  

Read this exclusive interview to get to know the person behind the brand: JULIETTE C.

  1. What is your favourite part about being a designer?

I love to create new designs and see women wearing my clothes. It’s so rewarding to watch them feel beautiful and empowered when wearing them.

  1. How do you create designs that transcend time and trends?

I always think about comfort first, then versatility. I also think, “Will this be flattering for most silhouettes?” Then if I have these 3 ingredients together with a classic and elegant colour, the result should be a timeless piece!

  1. What personal value do you bring to your creations? 

Integrity. For example, I only use natural fibres for my fabrics or yarns, which are sometimes not so easy to find, especially for knitwear. But I stick to it, whatever it costs, as it is a commitment I want to follow for my brand.

  1. Why slow fashion?

First, because fast fashion, with its low quality, large production, and low production costs is the opposite of my values. We know that fashion is not the greenest industry, and that’s why I try to reduce the impact my brand can have on the environment by producing small numbers, avoiding fabric wastage by using the leftovers for accessories and environment-friendly inks or OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics. I also try to support crafts and traditions which are declining, like hand block printing or hand embroideries which are not used by big brands anymore as they cost too much and they take too long to produce.

  1. If you think about your iconic clothes, which ones would you pick?

For sure the combo jumpsuit + bomber jacket. For me, this is the most effortless chic look you can get. So versatile that it can fit any occasion! And I love to accessorize it with my jewelry as well.

  1. How do you feel wearing your own designs?

I feel comfortable first, as comfort is so important to me. And, I also feel elegant and empowered.

  1. Your favourite lipstick, face cream, or perfume? 

Most of the time I favour red lipstick. I love the Chanel ones and as I am super picky, I always use a pen to make the shape perfect. For creams, I usually use Clarins, and my perfume is Philosykos in the winter and Oyedo in the summer, both from Diptyque.

  1. Do you follow any beauty routines?

Oh yes! Makeup remover, toner, serum, cream, sunscreen…everything! And mask, once a week. I am very careful with my beauty routine. Recently, I took online classes on facial massage; it is very interesting!

  1. What are a few non-negotiables when it comes to self-care?

My yoga practice or gym. I exercise every weekday at 7 am and this is something I never skip unless I need to work early.

  1. Name a place where you relax and reconnect.

My house in Provence! That’s where I go every summer and where my childhood memories lie. That’s why I wanted my candle to have a fig scent to remind me of my dear Provence wherever I go.

  1. A quote that inspired you?

“There is no limit to how radiant, alive and irresistible you can be” by Diana Turner.

  1. A piece of fashion advice?

If you are often unsure about what to wear in the morning, select in advance 10 looks that you would like to wear during the season and prepare them together. A shirt that would match a skirt and a vest for example. Then pants+top+jacket, etc. Having readymade combos can save a lot of time! Then, you can play with different accessories like shoes, jewelry, and bags, and dress up or down your looks!

  1. What is one fashion accessory you never leave home without?

My bracelets! I wear many thin bracelets that I never remove; some are from my collection, like the Clouds 3-row bracelet in pietersite and the Bliss multi-stone bracelet. I also wear a diamond bracelet from Tiffany that my husband gave me when our first son was born, another one from Dior Joaillerie, given to me by my best friend and others…up to 8 dainty pieces that never leave my wrist and bring shine and memories to my look every day!

  1. What inspires your creations?

Women around me and their lifestyle. When I create, I always wonder when my clients will be wearing it and if that dress or jacket or pants would be elegant AND comfortable AND easy to wear! I am a very practical person! I don’t want to create things which won’t be worn! And women really deserve to be beautiful and confident, that’s why I create for them.

  1. The 5 essentials we can find in your wardrobe?

A feminine white shirt with detail, which is my go-to with jeans, skirts, pants, vests…
My latest piece is the Aurelia shirt.
A pair of jeans of course! The one I currently love is a bit fitted, ⅞ size, from Mother.
A maxi dress – my Josephine dress with gold stripes is perfect anytime I want to feel glamorous and chic!
A trench coat. It goes with any look.
A pair of my Juliette sandals, so comfy, versatile and chic in summer.
And I would add a pair of sneakers, I love sneakers! The ones which would go with anything are the classic Stan Smith from Adidas.

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