L’amour l’après-midi, our latest collection, is reminiscent of a 1972 movie by the same name, by noted French filmmaker, Eric Rohmer.
Ready to make an unforgettable impression, this collection has been inspired by the atmosphere of joy and freedom of the 70s.
Juliette has always liked the characters’ naive sensitivity, often depicted in Rohmer’s movies.

“Love in the Afternoon” evokes the golden hour, just before sunset,
when the light turns pinkand the shadows lengthen.

It is this time of the day when we finally start relaxing. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city – and the corporate world,
we allow ourselves to cherish freedom and share love.


Our new Kyra top is made of smooth and lightweight cotton fabric.
It comes in pure white and Spring bloom print, a beautiful block printed floral pattern in soft peach and green hues.
The fabric falls delicately on the shoulders giving a sense of fresh elegance.

Charlotte is a long bohemian chic dress featuring a beautiful block-printed floral pattern in light pink and blue hues. A unique, exclusive print which is easy to wear and takes you mind back to a holiday mood.

Embroideries have this ability to instantly transform a garment.
They add a touch of refinement, elegance and femininity to the silhouette.
Our new Aya top and Eugenie skirt are handmade with passion and patience by our talented tailor.
The thoughtful, creative design ensures the uniqueness of each piece.

Secret Garden is Juliette’s new exclusive print:
generous and gorgeous flowers adorning a midnight blue palette.
Using her favorite light, high-end and crease-resistant crepe georgette,
Juliette has imagined a series of pieces for the upcoming SS20 collection, all in limited quantities.