Jewelry Care

The Bliss jewelry pieces are created using natural gemstones and precious silver.

To preserve their beauty, you are advised to treat them with great care and handle them delicately.

By taking a few precautions in their use and maintenance, you will be able to keep your jewelry in good condition for a longer period. The precious stones and metals which compose your jewelry are delicate materials.


Vermeil is a thick layer of gold over a sterling silver base. It is long-lasting and of high quality, and allows for complex designs that highlight the skill of our jewelers.
Avoid consistent contact with water. Vermeil is water-resistant, but not waterproof.
Polish with a soft cloth (similar to the cloth commonly used to clean the eyeglasses).

It is best to avoid wearing your jewelry when:

  • washing your hands, to avoid soap deposits slipping into small crevices and tarnishing your piece of jewelry.
  • performing activities requiring the use of corrosive products (gardening, cleaning, dishwashing…) to avoid damaging the stones that adorn your piece of jewelry.
  • practicing sports, to avoid impact and scratches. Sweat is also corrosive and might tarnish your piece of jewelry.

It is also best to avoid:

  • applying perfume and makeup while wearing your jewelry. Alcohol and other chemical ingredients contained in cosmetics are harmful to certain stones and plating. It’s recommended to wear your jewelry after you apply makeup and spray perfume.
  • exposing jewelry to strong heat. Temperature changes can irreversibly damage precious stones.

Storing your piece of jewelry

Pieces of jewelry can present scratch marks when in contact with one another. It is therefore strongly recommended to store each piece of jewelry individually in its travel pouch, or in a soft cloth.

Be sure to always close your chain’s clasp to avoid any knots forming.